Ella Smerdon

Ella started her career in Sales within the distribution industry 6 years ago and gained some great experience from a young age.

She is a very driven and determined individual and loves to challenge herself to learn new things.

In her last position she found a love for recruitment so now that she has joined InfraView Ella is excited to establish herself in the Cloud & IT Infrastructure industry and gain new skills and expertise within this role.

Since joining InfraView Ella has been welcomed with open arms and really loves the company culture. She is looking forward to her future here working as "one team" and "making it happen".

In her free time Ella likes to bake delicious cakes and cupcakes. She also has a big family and they are her drive to succeed so Ella enjoys spending time with them and going out with her friends making memories and living in the moment.

Meet Ella Smerdon

Meet Ella Smerdon

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