Why Application Modernisation Professionals Are in High Demand


Why Application Modernisation Professionals Are in High Demand

App Modernisation Professionals

Technology changes rapidly, which means old technology becomes outdated and redundant in no time. In the modern cutthroat marketplace, archaic systems put businesses at the risk of shutting down. Due to the lack of support services, it can be challenging for businesses to deal with bugs and other IT issues. 

This is where application modernisation (or app modernisation) can be immensely helpful. 

Your business’s applications must keep up with technological advancements to provide enhanced user experiences, and eventually help you outshine your competitors. Application modernisation is the key to this. No wonder app modernisation experts are in high demand! 

These professionals enable businesses to update their existing legacy applications or build entirely new ones, if necessary. They also help companies avert legacy code while taking advantage of innovative technologies that align with your business’s objectives. This empowers businesses to confidently take on new challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

Let’s find out why app modernisation professionals are being sought after by companies.

#1. They Make Your Business More Flexible and Agile

One of the first things to cross a business owner’s mind when choosing software is its ability to allow flexibility in terms of creating/adding new features and services. This is because legacy systems are bound to become obsolete sooner or later, making it difficult for a business to stay competitive, and meet customer needs and expectations.  

Application modernisation pros empower businesses by upgrading their systems and technologies, which enables them to create innovative features and services. This is done while taking into account the business’s current needs and the future goals. They also know how to personalise the features they create to ensure that legacy systems continue to provide value, making operations more agile.

#2. They Help Boost Employee Productivity

The true value of modern technology lies in its ability to complement employee skills and help augment their productivity. According to Deloitte, “Today, more than one-third of employees are millennials”. Using outdated software or technology can, therefore, leave the modern workforce frustrated and lower their efficiency.

App modernisation experts can remedy this. They enable your employees, developers, and administrative staff to access and use modern technologies, thereby improving their productivity. They also help eliminate or automate repetitive tasks, as necessary. This is especially helpful at the time of educating new employees about business operations as it makes processes smoother.

#3. They Help Lower Operational Costs

Businesses that don’t modernise their legacy systems often face problems that outdated systems typically bring about. These include the lack of stability, increased app maintenance costs, compromised system security, and so on.

Also, components in a legacy system are often interconnected. Fixing even a single component means taking apart the entire app, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Application modernisation experts can help businesses lower their operational costs by modernising outdated systems. This also helps companies boost their bottom line.

#4. They Help Your Business Leverage the Cloud

Legacy systems usually function strictly on on-premise tech infrastructure. Even if they have cloud capabilities, they tend to be restricted. When these applications are forced to integrate with modern cloud technologies, they function with limited capacity and create more problems than solutions.

Application modernisation professionals enable businesses to make the most of cloud technologies, so their business runs on the most updated systems. This has become even more important now that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work.

Thanks to cloud application modernisation, businesses can stay better connected and harness the latest innovations to improve real-time collaboration from any place and at any time. The cloud also offers top-notch security features that help save time and costs. As a result, business owners need not expend much effort compared to legacy applications.

Further, business data can be stored in a centralised placed and accessed in a secure manner. This, in turn, results in seamless operations and better output.

#5. They Enhance Customer Experiences

Many businesses offer similar kinds of products and services. In such a scenario, it can be extremely challenging for them to set themselves apart in the crowded marketplace and earn a competitive advantage. This is where engendering superior customer experiences can pay off. Customers will not hesitate in doing repeat business with a company that delights them and justifies its pricing.

Outdated legacy systems, however, can hamper customer support functions and, therefore, result in poor experiences. App modernisation professionals can provide a speedier and more efficient solution for such issues.

Modernised applications come with a user-friendly interface, which enhances customer experiences through new processes and services. This, in turn, augments customer satisfaction and increases profitability through cross-selling and up-selling, improved customer loyalty, and greater customer referrals.

#6. They Improve Security

A survey revealed that “87% of CIOs stated their organizations were vulnerable to security breaches because of legacy applications.” Because legacy systems are outdated, several security parameters need to be continuously monitored and updated (if possible) in keeping with the latest cyber threats.

An app modernisation specialist can work out a robust security plan to protect your company’s systems and sensitive data to safeguard them against potential cyberattacks.

They can prevent critical issues such as data theft, while rapidly identifying vulnerabilities. Businesses also get the advantage of automated risk reporting and improved operational maturity and can avoid the chances of reputational damage as a result of such breaches.

#7. They Create Multiple Revenue Streams

Legacy systems lack the flexibility that modern applications offer. It can, therefore, be difficult for businesses to modify them and improve viability. This also inhibits businesses from making changes to their processes and offerings, restricting their profitability.

Application modernisation professionals enable growing businesses to increase their revenue streams. When a business expands operations, it can include new processes, solutions, and services that address and meet customers’ needs.

Overall, app modernisation experts can empower businesses by expanding their functionalities, which in turn, results in increased revenue and improved customer experiences. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer your business to others, generating more leads for your company.

#8. They Help Meet Compliance Needs

Meeting industry-specific compliance is non-negotiable for every business as non-compliance can cost millions. An outdated legacy system can make it extremely difficult and costly for a business to avoid regulatory errors and plug privacy loopholes.

An app modernisation specialist will update all business IT systems, helping the company meet all compliance needs with ease. They also ensure to address shadow IT-related governance risk. This guarantees commercial and legal safeguards, sparing businesses avoidable hassles and costs.

In other words, app modernisation pros protect the business from all kinds of breaches and fines that result from non-compliance.

In Conclusion

Most IT applications have a lifespan of no more than a few years. Needless to say, when technology becomes redundant, its functionality and features stop benefitting the business. Further, legacy IT systems also have a negative impact on end-user and customer experiences, which can spell doom for any brand.

The need for improved software functionalities that meet the demands of the changing business landscape has made app modernisation professionals indispensable.

Application modernisation professionals not only effectively enhance flexibility, but also improve overall collaboration. Whether you want to improve customer experiences, open up additional revenue streams, enhance data security, or leverage the benefits of cloud app modernisation, these experts have everything covered.

Progressive companies are always on the lookout for talent, including certified app modernisation professionals. After all, who else will help them transform their legacy into an asset!

Featured Image Credit: pikisuperstar - Freepik.com

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