Tim Cazemage

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Tim Cazemage is highly regarded for his passion for recruitment, inspiring success and changing lives through coaching, well-being and dedication to personal growth.

He has been a recruitment leader in the Cloud & IT Infrastructure space for over 15 years, and in 2016 felt the time was right to do things his way.

Alongside industry stalwart Tim Davey, he founded InfraView on strong company values which strive for constant improvement in the business, our employees and our customers. What gets him out of bed in the morning is the drive to make positive change, both in his life and the individuals around him. Through personal coaching, team building and inspirational leadership, Tim Cazemage is respected for his ability to lead and build sales divisions which allows individuals to flourish.

Inspired by constant improvement and becoming better versions of ourselves, Tim creates environments where the individual matters. The strength of a team is in its people, and by loving what he does Tim enthuses those around him to find greater success and enjoyment in their professional and personal journeys.

Tim leads our team of dedicated, enthusiastic recruiters day-to-day, using his industry knowledge and personal insights to bring out the best of each individual whilst striving for personal growth to continue to inspire our employees and customers.

As well as running and expanding Infraview, Tim is a keen sportsman setting himself always challenging goals to keep himself fit both physically and mentally. A wife and two growing sons ensure he is constantly extending his range of interests, his motivation comes from his ability to examine the situation in a spirit of quiet reflection enabling him to see the next move with clarity, opening particular strengths to act accordingly.

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