How to Boost Your Cloud Consultant Career


How to Boost Your Cloud Consultant Career

How to Boost Your Cloud Consultant Career

Working as a cloud computing professional is a dream for many. And why not? After all, this constantly evolving field offers job stability and the promise of a brighter future.

With the increasing focus of organizations on digitalisation and digital transformation, the scope for cloud computing is only going to grow. Needless to say, as it expands, so will the need for cloud computing experts.

The good news is that cloud-related jobs are growing at an extraordinary rate. Gartner has predicted that by 2022, the global public cloud services market will reach $331.2 billion, making the cloud services industry three times bigger than overall IT services.

Moreover, research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) reveals that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK stands at 88%. This means the demand for cloud professionals and cloud consultants is also set to increase.

As you continue to gain work experience, you will be ready to move up the cloud computing ladder. If you think you’re ready to give your career a boost, you’re in the right place.

Mentioned ahead are a few steps to take if you’re serious about making a career as a cloud consultant.

#1. Get The Right Certification

The first step towards getting closer to your career goal is to get the required certification. You can start by determining exactly which certification will benefit you. This decision should be based on your skills and interest in a specific area of the cloud.

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offer certification programs that impart the knowledge and skill development required for handling an array of cloud technologies. You can consider one of these for your career advancement. Enroll in a program that allows you to gain hands-on experience in what you’re learning.

Cloud certification is important because it shows employers and clients that you understand what being a cloud consultant involves, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to take the next step in your career. It can also help you augment your earnings.

#2. Update Your Profile, Not Just CV

It’s no secret that employers no longer stick to the CV when analysing a candidate’s capabilities and verifying their experience. Your online professional profile plays a huge role in decisions related to hiring and promotions. You should, therefore, ensure that your profile showcases your professional achievements and milestones in the most effective manner.

Keep your online profile updated by mentioning not only completed projects, but also the current and upcoming ones. Go into the details of the projects. State the challenges you encountered and overcame when executing them. Mention the niche of or describe the project you’re currently working on or any new work you’re planning to take on.

By doing so, you’re giving employers all the details they need for deciding to offer you an advanced role as a cloud consultant.

#3. Keep Updating Your Knowledge

In the professional world, you need to be invested in your career from the beginning if you really want to make it to the top going forward. Cloud technology keeps changing regularly. You need to stay updated on these changes and know how to deploy the right technologies at the right time.

Staying curious about the cloud and its evolution will enable you to excel at your work, giving your career the push it needs. Without a curious mindset, you’ll likely stay where you are currently with minimal chances for success. For example, gaining knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure is a great way to start out, if that’s your area of interest. However, you need to go beyond that and keep learning.

Many organisations are now turning to multi-cloud solutions in a bid to create increasingly sophisticated solutions, and to decrease their dependence on a single vendor. This can mean combining AWS and Azure, or public and private clouds, or PaaS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) platforms. You need to ensure that you know how to work on these kinds of hybrid technologies.

In any case, the demand for professionals with supplementing technical skillsets will always be high. For example, cloud consultants with working knowledge of Azure, Agile, Java, Python, Ansible, and VMware (to name a few) along with AWS skills will always be preferred over those with limited know-how of cloud technologies.

#4. Tap Into Your Network For The Right Opportunity

A lot of aspiring cloud consultants tend to undermine the importance of networking in advancing their careers, which can prove to be a grave mistake.

While your qualifications, certifications, skills, and experience will all contribute towards landing you a job, you also need to maintain healthy relationships with important people to find the best opportunities.

Reach out to influential people or mentors who you think can help you hone your skills. You can set an appointment with them and ask for advice or offer to work for them for free to gain some solid experience that will boost your career.

You can also attend industry events, workshops, and conferences, especially those that are meant for consultants or where progressive organisations have a strong presence.

Let the people in your professional network know that you’re looking to further your career so they think of you when a suitable opportunity comes up.

#5. Work with A Reputed Cloud Recruitment Agency

As a cloud professional looking to make your mark in this industry, you can work with a reliable cloud recruitment agency, who will work in your best interest. Ideally, your agency should have a thorough knowledge of and insights into the UK job market to guide you throughout your career.

They should have substantial experience in positioning cloud consultants as ideal candidates among the top IT organisations. The agency should be able to make you feel supported by not only suggesting suitable vacancies, but also providing feedback for advancing your career.

Work with a cloud recruitment agency that can connect you with the best IT companies in the UK, so you can expand your skillset, enhance your earnings, and take up a cloud consultant role that works wonders for your career.


There are virtually unlimited job opportunities for cloud consultants. However, if you hoping to make it as a successful cloud consultant, you will need to prepare for it. With the right preparation and knowledge under your belt, you will be able to give your career the boost it needs. Hopefully, the above five steps will help you augment your career as a cloud consultant. Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/ColossusCloud

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