4 Types of Microsoft Azure Jobs You Should Be Looking For


4 Types of Microsoft Azure Jobs You Should Be Looking For

Cloud computing is probably the fastest-growing technology in the world right now. With the pandemic forcing many companies to adopt remote work, the demand for cloud computing has seen an unprecedented surge in 2020.

The global Cloud Computing Market is estimated to grow from $297.81 billion in 2019 to reach $1,092.48 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 17.7% during the forecast period. Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud service providers. According to BuiltWith, over 160K live websites use Microsoft Azure’s cloud hosting services.

In other words, Azure is a platform for the best Microsoft technology jobs in the UK and the rest of the world. If you also want to have a noteworthy career in cloud computing, here are four types of Microsoft Azure jobs you should be looking for.

#1. Azure Pre-Sales Architect

It is one of the most sought-after Microsoft technology jobs in the UK. As a pre-sales architect, you will be:

  • Assessing customer's business problems.
  • Recommending solutions that meet the given business requirements.

In short, you have to oversee the entire sales cycle of each project. You need strong communication skills and the ability to develop a relationship with your clients. You will be involved in delivering presentations, follow-up, and answering any queries from your clients. So, these interpersonal skills do matter a lot.

Furthermore, when it comes to Azure pre-sales architecture, having a thorough understanding of different business requirements in the tech sector can help. Experience in Azure IaaS & PaaS both can also help you land this job.

As a part of your job, you will also be required to sell any new Azure cloud products. Pitching their benefits to your existing and new clients would be a part of your work profile. When it comes to complex projects, you will act as a critical arbitrator that focuses on delivering a high-quality solution as per customer requirements.

Average Salary of Azure Presales Architect in the UK: £75,000 - £90,000 + bonus.

#2. Azure Cloud Consultant

This is not as technical Azure jobs like DevOps engineer or administration or architect. Although the job includes different roles and responsibilities, it usually involves consulting your clients about various Azure cloud technologies.

You are required to communicate with businesses, understand their requirements, and suggest the right cloud solutions. If you already have experience in helping organizations migrate their current systems to the cloud, it will be an added advantage.

Each client will have unique cloud computing needs. The in-depth knowledge of Azure cloud can help you provide the right solutions. That, in turn, will help you expand your client portfolio quickly and efficiently. The cloud computing industry is remarkably competitive, making it imperative to keep your technical knowledge up-to-date.

That said, the importance of soft skills like communication, negotiations, and time management can't be stressed enough when working as an Azure cloud consultant. Make sure to keep honing those skills as much as you can.

Average Salary of Azure Cloud Consultant in the UK: £65,000 - £75,000.

#3. Azure DevOps Engineer

Azure DevOps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) by Microsoft. Software engineers and programmers use it to develop and deploy applications or software solutions. You will be working on SaaS as an Azure DevOps engineer.

The ultimate responsibility of an Azure DevOps engineer is to help deliver scalable and robust cloud solutions as per the specifications required by the client. So, you will require a thorough understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle. In addition to this, you will need to know various automation tools as DevOps involves frequent changes in the code.

You will be coordinating between the design and development teams and sometimes even your client. Keeping everyone on the same page to make sure you can create business-oriented solutions is not an easy task. It requires excellent collaboration between different technical disciplines.

In other words, you will need not only extensive technical expertise but also soft skills to be a successful DevOps engineer. In other words, this is one of the Microsoft technology jobs that come with a management role.

You will need to stay on top of current industry trends and upcoming technologies. Having an eye for identifying automation opportunities can also help. All in all, this is a versatile role. If you fit the bill, being a DevOps engineer can help boost your career.

Average Salary of Azure DevOps Engineer in the UK: £75,000 - £90,000.

#4. Azure Administrator

This is one of the Azure jobs suitable for candidates who are interested in a multipurpose role. As an administrator, you will be responsible for monitoring routine functions, including the implementation and maintenance of various Azure solutions. So, you will be working on areas like network, security, storage, and computing.

You could get two types of Azure jobs as an administrator:

  • Work at an end-user company to manage Azure services and products they are using.
  • Work at a Microsoft Partner firm or company that offers managed Azure services to their clients.

It goes without saying that your Azure fundamentals need to be in place to become an administrator. Having a good command over backup and disaster recovery, SQL databases, and visualization is a must in this field. Deployment and configuration of virtual networks could be the crux of your role as an administrator.

You also need to have a clear grip over Microsoft basics like PowerShell and Office 365. Furthermore, employers often give preference to candidates with excellent knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, SQL Server, and HTML5.

As an Azure administrator, you need to take care of the following.

  • Manage cloud infrastructure service instances.
  • Manage different cloud servers.
  • Monitor and maintain an Azure computing environment with multiple users.
  • Deploy and implement cost-effective Azure solutions as per client requirements.
  • Set up cloud systems as per business requirements.

Average Salary of Azure Administrator in the UK: £55,000 - £65,000.

Parting Words

Working in the cloud computing environment, particularly with fast-evolving technologies like Microsoft Azure, can be challenging. You have to make sure to find a role that fits your technical and soft skills perfectly. Getting into the wrong field can jeopardize your career. Hopefully, knowing about one of these four Azure jobs would help boost your career. Tell us if this information was helpful in the comments.

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