Jimmy Hearne

Head of Delivery

As Head of Delivery, I develop and nurture existing relationships to ensure we are providing the best possible service, manage a team of consultants and aid people in their career development

I want to have a team that’s proud of me as their leader, give my teams the progression opportunities they desire and all the chances I’ve been given whilst being seen as actively trying to help my team reach their goals both personally and professionally

I was hired by Tim Davey and Tim Cazemage in 2014. We spent a few solid years together, becoming friends and before I left recruitment for a few years Tim and Tim started InfraView. We stayed close and always knew once they started InfraView I'd be part of the journey at some point, which was February 2019 and we haven’t looked back since!

I love the people, both in the office and the candidates/clients we work with daily. The environment in the office is special, we are all in it together, everyone gets along and we are all striving for success whilst all pushing each other to become better versions of ourselves daily. 

Meet Jimmy Hearne

Meet Jimmy Hearne

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