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Investing in Video Interviews Alongside Specialist Recruitment Consultancies

For IT Solutions & Services Providers looking to build the best Cloud & IT Infrastructure teams in the UK, investing in video interviews is crucial.


Because in a post-COVID world the race for top talent is hotter than ever. This means finding opportunities to reduce time-to-hire, increase brand authority and improve the candidate experience.

Our Co-Founder Tim Davey tells us why IT Solutions & Services Providers should invest in video interviews:

“Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re all much more comfortable on video platforms.

We’re all used to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc.

We’ve become mini TV-stars in our own right be that through internal meetings, family catchups, podcasts, webinars or of course interviewing.

Video interviewing through this time has become part of any recruitment process.

Going forward it will be interesting for all businesses to see how this trend will develop as the world begins to open up again.

We believe it will ultimately be a combination of video interviewing and face-to-face interviews depending on the role.

However, what is clear is that video interviews are here to stay.

One way that video interviews can be used most effectively by IT Solutions & Services Providers is working alongisde your specialist recruitment agency partners to do the video interviewing on your behalf.

So instead of wasting your time screening candidates over the phone or video at first stage, we do that for you.

This means you’re only investing your time in quality second and final stage interviews.

There are many core benefits to video interviews which will add value to your business:

  • Saving you time
  • Speeding up your time-to-hire
  • See multiple candidates in the same time-frame
  • Rule out candidates without committing to a full interview
  • Pre-agree questions with your recruiter to ask first-stage candidates on your behalf
  • Quickly see body language and communication skills
  • Very cost effective
  • Good return-on-investment

Here at InfraView we’ve invested heavily in video technology both in candidate marketing and in the hiring process, and our existing clients are loving the results.

Investing in video technology is a must for any IT Solutions & Services Provider, as well as partnering that with the expertise of a specialist recruitment consultancy such as InfraView.”

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