Why your Recruitment Strategy isn't Working


Why your Recruitment Strategy isn't Working

You’ve created an in-depth recruitment strategy, but it’s not working.

This is an incredibly frustrating scenario for any IT Solutions & Services Providers building the best Cloud & IT Infrastructure teams on the market.

Our Co-Founder Tim Cazemage tells us why your recruitment strategy might not be working:

“It’s not just about how many heads you need.

You need a clear plan on what roles you need and how these new hires will affect your teams, business and future of your company.

This plan should also be closely tied to your company objectives.

Tactics around candidate acquisition may change, but the strategy should remain clear and concise.

Many IT Solutions & Services Providers don’t have the following crucial elements within their recruitment strategy:

  1. Clear employer brand
  2. Job specifications which clearly reflect the company culture
  3. Social media strategies for recruitment
  4. Adequate CRM system
  5. Offering fast and constructive feedback

There are numerous tactics you can put in place to increase the potential of your recruitment strategy to feed your business with quality candidates:

  • Optimise your careers page
  • Share your company culture and values on social media
  • Create in-depth recruitment content
  • Use video to enhance your recruitment content
  • Build a solid employer brand
  • Utilise niche candidates within your market
  • Take advantage of search engine tools

If you’re looking to scale up, the best way to achieve this is to streamline your hiring process through a specialist recruitment consultancy partner.

Here at InfraView we work with IT Solutions & Services Providers on Exclusive or Retained terms, appointing a dedicated team of expert recruiters to focus on your business and tech hires securing the best talent and allowing fast growth.

Your relationship with your recruitment partner is crucial in getting the most from your hiring strategy.

Without great communication of processes and ideas, your recruitment strategy can stagnate.

By employing the tactics above and working with a specialist recruitment partner your recruitment strategy will begin to create top candidate leads for your business.”

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