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How a recruitment consultancy can save you time and money

The key to keeping up with and staying ahead of your competition is hiring the right people at the right time. Within fledgling IT solutions providers, the administration and effort of recruitment places additional burdens on HR or hiring managers. Both SME’s and larger organisations benefit from what a specialist recruitment consultancy can offer; knowledge, accuracy and value for money.


How a recruitment consultancy can save you time and money

  1. Access an extensive existing database of specialist talent
  2. Use their market knowledge to write job descriptions
  3. Broad employer brand exposure
  4. Collating candidate queries to deal with them all in one go
  5. Specialist knowledge to handle salary and contract negotiations
  6. Remove and reduce short-term hiring process costs
  7. Remove and reduce long-term hiring process costs
  8. Retained recruitment offers greater ROI

1. Access an extensive existing database of specialist talent

The immediate value to be added from any recruitment agency is the opportunity to access a database of potential candidates, many of which aren’t actively searching for a new role. In being able to unlock this community of passive candidates, you are releasing your employer brand to a potential gold mine of cloud & IT infrastructure talent who can elevate your business objectives and goals.

But how can you get even more value from your recruitment consultancy partner’s database?

Work with a specialist.

Seems simple, but the draw of instant satisfaction from a pile of fresh, engaged candidates’ CVs can give you a buzz. Like being handed a tub of assorted chocolates, seemingly delicious, but imagine your disgust at biting into each and every one to find them all filled with desiccated coconut. Sure, you might like it, but your business doesn’t appreciate searching through those left behind by the other IT solutions providers and managed service providers which this generalised agency is now so nicely offering to you.

By working with a specialist cloud & IT infrastructure recruitment consultancy, you’re opening the door to an engaged community of the best professionals in YOUR market, built up over years of conversations and following their success on their career journey. A specialist understands their career needs, desires and expectations, meaning you’re one step ahead of your competition in finding the best talent on the market.

Alongside a personal relationship with engaged candidates, accessing an existing community saves you the cost of posting to job boards, targeted social media marketing and all the hours, technology and money that go along with it. By leveraging a recruitment consultancy’s technology and processing power, as well as saving on the interview time and cost by only talking to engaged specialist candidates with the right characteristics, you get yourself and your business fantastic value for money and return on investment.

2. Use market knowledge to write job descriptions

As a hiring manager, you understand the business and what talent you need to push your teams forward. Whilst a recruitment consultancy can’t tell you what you need, we can give you market-leading insight into what the hottest candidates in the industry are looking for in their next role.

What terminology are candidates searching for? What challenges are they facing in their current role? How do they want to grow?

A specialist recruitment consultancy can give you information on the questions that candidates need answering, what salaries they’re looking for, and how they want to develop in their career. If you can offer these candidates the platform they’re looking for, you’re putting yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

The better you can target your needed talent, the greater value for money you will enjoy, and the less time you waste on the admin of hiring.

3. Broad employer brand exposure

Your business grows, you search for new talent, and in doing so you take your employer brand to market. It’s such an exciting aspect of the process, and one that a recruitment consultancy can add real value.

Through training and constant exposure to top cloud & IT infrastructure talent, specialist recruitment consultants such as those here at InfraView expertly deliver your employer brand to a market of engaged candidates, saving you time on crafting effective job adverts, social media campaigns and other marketing strategies.

Through these initiatives, specialist consultants have amazing conversations with the best candidates on the market about your business, introducing your brand to the best talent on the market. By engaging candidates early in the process, you only talk to individuals who want to talk, saving you time, effort and money.

4. Collating candidate queries to deal with them all in one go

Moving job can be a difficult time, leaving candidates with a plethora of questions on the process, you as an employer and their potential role.

In a typical in-house recruitment process, the hiring manager deals with every employment query individually, dealing with communication between the business and the candidate.

Sure, this is personal, but dealing with a stream of queries eats into your employees’ valuable time and distracts them from tasks geared towards increasing the profitability of your business.

By working with a recruitment consultancy in your hiring process, you both save time and benefit from the knowledge of consultants in dealing with queries about your specific role in line with your employer brand.

5. Specialist knowledge to handle salary and contract negotiations

The recruitment process can be laborious at times, but it’s crucial to get things right so both sides are happy.

A difficult section of the process can be negotiations. Discussing money can be an awkward step, and if handled poorly can see relationships turn sour.

Start off on the best foot by working with a specialist. Recruitment consultants are experienced in negotiating and managing expectations from both the client and candidate.

This know-how means we can help to walk both sides through the process to get you working together as soon as possible.

6. Remove and reduce short-term hiring process costs

Working with a specialist recruitment consultancy offers benefits across the lifetime of your hiring efforts.

  • Reduces the impact of the recruitment process on your hiring managers and HR, freeing up more time for them to perform their other responsibilities
  • Removes the cost of crafting, posting and reacting to your own job adverts
  • Reduces the likelihood and cost of ‘bad hires’, as a consultancy’s knowledge of their network and the wider industry means they know how to find the talent you need

7. Remove and reduce long-term hiring process costs

Not only does working with a recruitment consultancy reduce investment and effort in the short term, but also proves beneficial moving forward:

  • By using the same recruitment consultancy over and over, you reduce future hiring costs as the consultants already understand your brand and hiring needs, speeding up the process in future
  • By leveraging the consultancy’s expertise, your business can develop their hiring practices by better understanding the hiring landscape across the industry.

8. Retained recruitment offers greater ROI

Contingency recruitment allows you to fill those hard to fill roles, but business and recruitment processes are ongoing.

The most effective way to ensure quality in hiring is to take advantage of a retained service.

Retained recruitment has numerous benefits, including priority search, extended recruitment services, greater market intelligence and insights and a strong ongoing relationship. All this means a higher success rate of hiring.

By building a stronger, more personal relationship with the recruitment consultancy, the quality of candidate and service is a set expectation from both parties, as well as affirming trust from your business that the hiring process is in safe hands with a specialist cloud & IT infrastructure recruitment consultancy.

In conclusion

If you’re an IT Solutions Provider looking to grow your teams to meet your business goals and objectives, the best way to achieve your hiring needs is by working with a specialist recruitment consultancy geared towards sourcing the best cloud & IT infrastructure candidates on the market.

Here at InfraView we’re proud to offer bespoke consultancy services to the best managed service & IT solutions providers in the UK.


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