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Welcome to the new InfraView

We opened for business in 2016, and in those 4 years a lot has changed.

Markets shift, new trends emerge, technologies come and go.

But through all that time, one thing has remained constant.

The strength of the individuals which make up our niche.

From Support and Administration through to Technical Management and C-Suite, we are constantly impressed by the level of ability and competence displayed by our candidates and clients we speak to day in, day out.

That’s why we love our niche, and why we are always striving to find ways to better serve the professionals that love it too.

Our new website has been designed with our niche at the forefront of our mind, making it simpler and easier to find your technologies with the latest jobs and relevant content, including our report into the effects of COVID-19 on our sector.

We’ve got ambitious plans to take InfraView to the next step of its journey, and our new website and branding are some of the first parts of that.

If you’re connected with us on LinkedIn or have liked our social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you will be seeing a lot more from us including insights on our market and how InfraView is evolving.

We’re so excited about our new website, and hope you’re enjoying it. We’d love to hear your feedback; drop us an email to, give us a call on 020 3617 1040 or comment on social media.

Read our Covid-19 Report

Discover how Covid-19 is affecting the UK technology sector.

Download our report and find out how the market is reacting to the Pandemic.

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