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What to Expect from your Recruiter




Over decades of dodgy dealing and less-than-flattering representations of salespeople in cinema and TV, the simplistic view of the average recruitment consultant is probably not a good one.

What you might expect from a recruiter

In all honesty I was the same. Before I’d managed to finish my final university dissertation I was being bombarded left right and centre by recruitment agencies wanting to throw me forward for sales jobs in suits on the opposite side of London in sectors I’d never heard of or shown any interest in hearing about. £30k a year straight out of university as a drama graduate. Yeah, nice joke.

A bad experience can override any positive feelings you had towards an organisation. And we get that. If you’re at a restaurant and receive bad service, food you didn’t order and missing half the cutlery, you’re not going to take away anything good from that experience. But if you’re tarring all restaurants with that brush, you’re going to miss out on the amazing Italian place with the great seafood just down the road.

It’s all about expectations.

What do you expect?

A recruiter shouldn’t just take a square CV and try to push it into a round job hole.

Both you and the job opening are unique, each having different requirements. The job might need a person with your skills, background and knowledge, but you also need a job which match your location, career trajectory and personal life.

A recruiter shouldn’t go silent on you

You weren’t quite right for the role, so no need for the recruiter to contact you again.

WRONG! So wrong!

Recruitment is all about communication, helping candidates and clients to build relationships to benefit both parties. How can you move forward with your job search without interview feedback? You take the time to apply, to interview, you deserve the respect of receiving feedback. After all, we want to build a relationship with you to help lay the foundation and bricks of your career. How could we do that if we went cold on you?

A recruiter shouldn’t be purely money-oriented

The more money you earn, the more money we earn. Right? Well, kinda. The idea works in principal, but recruiters shouldn’t be in the business of trying to fleece as much out of their clients as possible. We fully pre-screen our candidates to understand where they are in their career, and take comprehensive requirements from our clients so we can be sure we understand their needs and budget. Recruitment is the business of matching the trajectories of candidates and clients to form a great match. In being honest, we give you a better chance of finding an appropriate role in a business where you can excel.

A recruiter shouldn’t tell you what to do

A recruitment consultant isn’t there to tell you what decision to make. We offer our advice supported by years of experience in our niche market to help you find the best solution for you. By building a relationship with our candidates we become invested in helping you to become the best version of you.

What to expect from an InfraView recruitment consultant

Our team love the niche we work in. Talking to Cloud & IT Infrastructure professionals every single day, we live and breathe the managed service provider space. By working with excellent candidates and the best managed service and IT solutions providers in the UK, we’ve got a genuine care and responsibility to help our industry grow.

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