How to handle a counter offer


How to handle a counter offer

You’ve handed in your notice with your current employer.

A new cloud & IT infrastructure job opportunity is on the horizon.

Then your current company gives you a counter offer.

How should you react? How should you handle a counter offer?

Owen Harris has you covered:

“It doesn’t always happen but counter offers occur often, in particular when moving to more senior positions.

Counter offers are given when a business wants to retain its staff. These usually come in the form of a higher salary, more training or more exposure to different technologies.

How should you handle that?

The first thing I would say to candidates is to discuss counter offers early on with your recruiter. I personally ask the candidate in the first or second call to gauge their viewpoint on it and to let them know the pros and cons of accepting or rejecting a counter offer.

If you are offered more money, the pro is of course that you receive a higher salary package.

The cons to counter offers are vital however.

You may be offered a large pay rise, but the working environment, technical training and exposure to technologies stay the same.

It’s really important to assess when you receive a counter offer what is going to tangibly change within the business.

Have you seen employees be counter-offered within the business before? Speak to them to discover if anything changed after their counter offer.

I’ve seen many candidates take counter offers to ring me six months later saying that they regret passing up on the new opportunity.

So my advice is to think carefully when you receive a counter offer about what it is you really want, and if anything will change if you decide to stay.”

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