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Is Working From Home Right For You?

The rise of working from home and flexible working has certainly accelerated in recent years.

Most recently the IT Solutions & Services Provider space has certainly been forced into this more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Post-COVID, we expect flexible and remote working to remain a key factor in working conditions.

But working from home might not be for everyone.

Owen Harris talks us through the factors in deciding if working from home is right for you:

“There are now many jobs in the IT Solutions Provider sector which are fully remote.

For me personally, I’m not a fan of working from home.

I like to be in the office with my colleagues, collaborating with them and enjoying face-to-face interaction.

I’ve enjoyed finally being able to get away from my dining table which is where I worked during the first and second lockdowns.

But many people, especially in the IT Solutions & Services Provider space, are already home-based.

The positives of working from home are:

  • No commute
  • More time to spend with family
  • Some people work better by structuring their day away from the office

However there are also some negatives, including:

  • A lack of face-to-face interaction
  • Some projects become harder away from in-person collaboration
  • Missing out on company culture and atmosphere

There are plenty more positives and negatives, but it’s crucial for any Cloud & IT Infrastructure professional looking to work from home to consider if it is right for them before making the plunge.”

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