The importance of your personal brand when job searching


The importance of your personal brand when job searching

In a crowded candidate marketplace, the race to succeed in your Cloud & IT Infrastructure job search is won or lost on how you appear compared to the competition.

If you want to work for the best IT Solutions & Services Providers up and down the UK, you need to ensure your profile shows the best version of you.

Your personal brand is your ticket to securing your next great Cloud job.

Owen Harris talks to us about why your candidate personal brand is so important when job searching:

“There are many routes Cloud & IT Infrastructure candidates can take then putting their personal brand across to potential employers.

The first way I would suggest is through LinkedIn and similar platforms.

At InfraView we’re passionate about giving as much value to our candidates and clients as possible at every stage in the journey, but it’s not just specialist recruitment consultancies who can benefit from this.

We post a wide range of content across our LinkedIn profiles, offering insights and advice on all things Cloud & IT Infrastructure recruitment as well as our own personal journeys and of course our latest job openings.

Staying active on social media platforms, in particular LinkedIn, is a great way of not only finding new opportunities to progress in your Cloud & IT Infrastructure career but to also put your personal brand front and centre towards potential employers.

Liking, sharing and commenting on posts from individuals in the industry will help to strengthen your network and increase your personal reach. When job openings become available that interest you, this ongoing communication will help you to secure the position.

There are of course other platforms you can take advantage of to give you the best chance of success in your Cloud & IT Infrastructure job search.

On top of LinkedIn, think about joining platforms such as GitHub and Twitter. These websites have large communities of like-minded individuals talking about topics affecting the IT Solutions & Services Provider industry. Gaining insights in this way will help you to stand out against the competition and also to build relationships and find openings invisible to most of the candidate market.

If you like being in front of camera, we’ve seen a few candidates using YouTube as another platform to express their passion for their niche and to expand the reach and credibility of their personal brand. You could create walk-throughs on the ins and outs of different Cloud & IT Infrastructure technologies, as well as offering your thoughts and technical expertise on key MSP topics affecting the industry right now.

Creating content and engaging proactively with individuals in the industry shows prospective employers that you are ready to go the extra mile.”

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